About HOZ

To put it as simply as possible, The House of Zot is my outlet. Its purpose is to put words to a variety of different topics while maintaining a diverse focus. There are many blogs on the Internet for many different interests, but very few blogs specifically for people with many different interests. Have gamers ever been interested in politics? Are there any sports fans who can run a fantasy league but still devote brainpower to skepticism?

My goal with HOZ is to bring attention to a variety of topics that I find interesting or important while still staying true to my own thought process. I don’t know where my thoughts are going to carry me from one moment to the next, and my writing reflects that. I enjoy dabbling in a variety of different interests and it seems like there are very few places you can go for that. There are blogs I enjoy reading but inevitably I get bored of constantly reading articles dedicated to only one topic. I’ve never known a single person who only was interested in one topic, thought, or idea. I think it’s time for more writing to reflect the fact that gamers can enjoy sports and sports fans can still give solid arguments on political matters.

If you like what you see, spread the word and make yourself heard via comments and email. If you don’t like what you see, you’re wrong and I can totally respect that. If you feel the need to make yourself heard anyway, sounding like an idiot is a sure way to be ignored in the best case and outright mocked in the worst case.

I hope you love it.


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