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Insomniac Games: Truly the greatest game developer in the world.
MyResistance: Insomniac’s Resistance: Fall of Man community.
The Sixth Nation of Gamers: For any type of gamer.
Zero Punctuation: Game reviews at lightning speed. A classic.


The Best Page in the Universe: Anyone who isn’t familiar with Maddox needs to look into that.
Fully Ramblomatic: Yahtzee’s website for real men.
The Onion: Truly America’s Finest News Source.
Tucker Max: Because we all – secretly or not – want to be him.


Factcheck.org: If you don’t visit this site first, you have no excuses for being ignorant.
Game Politics: Politics as it relates to gamers and gaming.
Politifact: Another great resource along with Factcheck.

Science and Skepticism

God is Imaginary: An analytical look into God.
James Randi Educational Foundation: Education on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural.
Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants: An alternate perspective on culture and society.
Stop Sylvia Browne: A website exposing one of the most well-known “psychics”.
Unreasonable Faith: A former Christian’s blog on faith and skepticism.


Cold Hard Football Facts: Setting football fans straight, one fact at a time.
ESPN: Still the leader, biased or not.
ProFootballInsight: An up-and-coming site focusing on pro football and fantasy football.


Cectic: Though no longer updated, a wickedly clever comic about science and skepticism.
Cyanide and Happiness: Where nothing is sacred.
Garfield Minus Garfield: Garfield…only funny.
Looking for Group: For Pony!
Order of the Stick: Dungeons and Dragons gone wrong.
Penny Arcade: The original and best.
PvP Online: A gaming classic.
XKCD: Stick figures, math, and lots of sarcasm.


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