By now, those among us who get their information from some place other than someone affiliated with Fox News is fairly used to the idiotic, dishonest vitriol that gets thrown around in the political circle these days. Though some of that vitriol (and more than some incompetence) comes from the Democrats, it’s those on the right side of the spectrum – be they Republicans, Tea Partiers, Patriots, Birthers or whatever they’re calling themselves these days – who have seemingly made obstructionist ignorance a part of day-to-day life. Most of us have learned to just move along when it comes to whatever these people say, but from time to time, we manage to hear something truly astounding. For me, today was one of those days.

A customer of the retail pit of damnation I call my place of employment had a variety of right-wing bumper stickers on his car. Most of them were pretty standard stuff – “Work hard: Obama needs your money so he can redistribute it to those who don’t” – but there was one in particular that was so mind-numbingly ignorant that I think it may possibly represent a record low for the Lunatic Right:

Read that bumper sticker. Read it carefully. After that, read it again and think long and hard about it. When you’re ready (and/or when you’ve finished laughing and/or shitting bricks) continue reading.

Still with me?

If you’re anything like me – which means you fit into the sane category of people I described earlier and also possess a triple digit IQ – the first thing that came to mind was probably something like, “Do you mean George W. Bush?” I mean, seriously: the best thing you can say about that man’s military experience is that it’s dubious.

Really, though, that’s not even important. I remember learning about the three branches of government: when I was in second grade. Having passed the second grade, I could confidently tell you that every single person who has been in the Senate or House of Representatives – such as Barack “Hussein, not Muhammad you fucking morons” Obama – does, in fact, have legislative experience, something that governors – such as George W. Bush – do not have.

No, really. Something anyone who has passed grade school – or, at the worst, middle school – knows perfectly is somehow beyond the knowledge of both the people who make stickers such as this one and the people who put such bumper stickers on their cars.

How fucking stupid can you get?



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  1. I want to know who this president is with triple digit IQ. I have not seen one in 22 years.

    • Oh, I didn't mean a president. I meant if you're like me: basically, you're not a moron and you have a triple digit IQ. I'd like to hope some of the presidents we've had over those 22 years would qualify, but sometimes I wonder.

  2. I've run into people who really desire to see Obama fail… and this always pisses me off. When Bush was in office, I wanted him to fail at things like privatizing Social Security, but not fail overall – I wanted him to do something good for the country and do it well. This was obviously unrealistic. But anyway, you need to realize that if the president fails, we ALL fail, and that fail's locked into office for four years. We don't really have four years to waste.

    • I couldn't agree more. I never understood that line of thinking, either. How does it help our country if our leadership fails?