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I’ve been reflecting on this blog over the last year and the direction it has taken, and while I am happy with the fact that I’ve kept it going so far, even I’m disappointed somewhat with the results. Especially of late, the blog has become more and more about the latest idiocy from Republicans or fundamentalists, and while it’s certainly funny to poke fun at them, I really don’t want to become yet another puke-and-chuck portion of the Internet that tells you – rightfully or not – how stupid the rest of the world can be.

I feel like I’m capable of more than I’m showing, even if I can’t necessarily show it that often. I like my long-winded posts far more than the daily doses of idiocy I mock. With that in mind, my direction will be changing to reflect that. Hopefully this will result in more enjoyable content. Let me know what you think.



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