I’ve often thought about what I plan on doing when it comes to settling down and raising a family. Of course, finding someone who can tolerate me would be hard enough, but as a non-believer and a skeptic, I would feel inclined to raise my children to be the same. However, I’ve often given thought to the idea of at least teaching my would-be children about religion as a means to educate them on what’s out there. Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, suggests four reasons why you should teach them about religion:

* So they can better understand the world
* To empower them
* To help them make their own informed choice
* To prevent the “teen epiphany”

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The third reason probably resonates the best with me. My grandparents are still very religious and they raised my mother to be the same way. I was raised and baptized as a Catholic but ultimately left the religion – should I say “broke free”? – as I got older and realized how few questions religion was really answering. While I wasn’t given that choice so much as I took it on my own, I’d at least like to make sure my own children ended up being more knowledgeable.




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